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Latrobe Valley Sport and Active Recreation Strategic Planning Application Form (page 1 of 9)

Please be sure to have read the relevant Program Guidelines before completing the application form.

User Registration
It is a requirement to be a Grants Online registered user in order to ‘Save as Draft’ or ‘Submit’ an application form. If you are already a Grants Online registered user, you will be directed to enter your username and password when you ‘Save as Draft’ or ‘Submit’ the application. If you are not a Grants Online registered user, you will be directed to create a username and password when you ‘Save as Draft’ or ‘Submit’ the application.

Privacy and Commercial Confidentiality
The Grant Agency collects personal information, such as your name and contact details, to assess eligibility for grant funding and to contact you about your application. This information will be held by the Grant Agency and managed in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 and the Public Records Act 1973. You can access your personal information by contacting the relevant Grant Agency. For more information, please refer to the relevant Grant Agency’s Privacy Policy

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Data Security and Ownership
Information in this application is transmitted to a Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) secure environment once you have saved or submitted an application. Your draft form can be seen by DPC staff but will not be viewed in detail or assessed until you have submitted it.

Funding Discretionary
The assessment of this application and any decision to approve funding is a decision for the State of Victoria in its absolute discretion
All decisions of the State of Victoria in relation to a funding application and the assessment process is final. In particular:
  • the State may treat an application as invalid and not consider it if it is received late, it is incomplete, it is not reasonably able to be understood, or it does not comply with these Guidelines;
  • the State may request that an applicant confirm the details in their application (including by requesting an applicant to prove their identity and place of residence);
  • the submission of an application does not guarantee funding and a successful applicant may not be granted the amount of funding they requested;
  • the State may extend, cancel or amend the process for applying for funding at any time without an applicant’s consent.
The State of Victoria will not negotiate on its decision in relation to funding applications or the conditions of any funding that is granted.

State Not Liable for Claims Arising from Application
The State of Victoria will not be liable for:
  • any action or claim that an applicant might bring in relation to an application for funding or its assessment;
  • any loss or damage, including indirect and economic loss, which an applicant might suffer in the course of applying for or accepting the provision of funding; and
  • any personal injury suffered in the course of applying for or accepting the provision of funding. The above does not apply to any liability that the law does not allow the State of Victoria to exclude. Applicants must pay all costs associated with their application. The State will not be responsible for paying any of those costs.
No Binding Agreement
No binding agreement, legal relationship or other understanding for the supply of funding will exist between the State of Victoria and any applicant unless and until they have signed a formal written funding agreement.
This application is not eligible. Do not proceed with the remaining application. Please contact the community grants team for clarification at:


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